N´hali Brineheart

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You realize where you are, right? A city of the worst scum of the world. That guy? He was kicked out for being too evil. Kicked out, of Dead Man's Bay, for being too evil.
— Pirate chatter at Dead Man's Bay on the legend of N'hali Brineheart

N'hali Brineheart is an undead human who commandeers the cursed pirate ship known as Eye of the Maelstrom, which haunts the western seas.

History[edit | edit source]

N'hali's origins are unknown, as he was always reluctant to elaborate on them. Many assume him to hail from either Dalmira or Tusclandia due to his appearance in life, though he never confirmed such statements. While his early years are a mystery, it is a fact that he would rise up to become one of the most feared pirate lords of the western seas, his brutality in his raids becoming legendary across the world, which eventually earned him the title of Pirate King of Dead Man's Bay at 2593 3E.

Continuing his pirate life from then, him and his crew eventually raided a temple dedicated to Kinmorunddraver and took from it a particularly important clairvoyant artifact as loot. This earned him the ire of the deity who, in response, cast a powerful curse upon N'hali and his crew, leading them to rapidly age but not die, turning them into rotting undead. The captain threw the artifact into the seas in an attempt to undo the curse, but that only seems to have worsened it, eventually reducing him and his crew into walking skeletons.

While Dead Man's Bay has no problems with the undead, N'hali and his crew became increasingly unstable over the years, eventually becoming fully insane and threatened to take over the city. In what it is known as the battle of the Undead Man's Bay of 2602 3E, the Council o' Captains banished Brineheart from the city following an intense naval battle. The undead pirate has terrorized the western seas ever since.

Features[edit | edit source]

N'hali appears as a relatively tall skeleton of a human male who still retains a long hair and beard, both messy and dark brown in colouration. A pair of ghostly-blue fireballs serve as his eyes, and he is always seen wearing a pirate captain's outfit composed of a red tricorne hat and a red and black suit, as well as boots. It is thought all of N'hali's clothing was red before his death, becoming blackened after decades of remaining underwater. His undead parrot, Crackers, typically rests upon his shoulder. His weapon of choice, Deadslice, is a cutlass wreathed in unholy energies which can freeze opponents struck and launch blasts of deathly cold magic, which he obtained during a raid on an elven city.

N'hali is a volatile, aggressive and uncaring individual in all regards. He enjoys the thrill of a pirate's life, being content in assaulting innocents in order to steal their treasures to add to his own hoard, and he also clearly enjoys battling against equally powerful opponents. His cruelty is such that even Dead Man's Bay, the city of piracy, considered him too much for them to accept among their own.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

  • Allies
    • N/A
  • Ambivalent
    • N/A
  • Enemies
    • Council o' Captains - Among N'hali's goals in his eternal un-life is to get vengeance against the Council and take Dead Man's Bay for himself.

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