Naariel (Firmament)

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Naariel is a high-ranking Astral Deva who is a notable figure in Aynach lore, said to have guided their first king into founding the nation. While usually treated as a mythological figure, she is in fact a very real agent of Aldirei.

History[edit | edit source]

According to legend, the man who would become the first king of Aynach, Theobald the Just, was visited by Naariel who, through visions, guided him with founding the city of Solaris and taught him the concepts of good and justice. Decades later, she would return to Theobald and gifted him the object known as the Holy Grail; a goblet said to contain a sample of her blood (though it would actually be the blood of Naariel's mistress Aldirei), which led to the founding of the Order of the All-Seeing Knights.

Naariel's motives for interfering with these Humans remain unknown to all but the angel herself, but they have led to them revering to her as a deity named the Veiled Lady. Through the years, she has become gradually empowered by this worship; some archangels estimate Naariel will rise into one of their own eventually because of this.

Features[edit | edit source]

Naariel is a beautiful angelic woman with soft blue skin and a large pair of white-feathered wings. Her attire takes the form of white, semi-transparent veils which cover her eyes, breasts and waist.

A servant of the heavens, Naariel has watched over Aynach since she aided in its inception, pleased and proud by how they have become over the ages. She is a gentle soul who holds great affection for mortalkind, believing it to be her duty to guard them from any who would dare attempt to corrupt them or stray them from their path.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

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