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Nalúnt is a demigod known to represent the mountains, lightning, the sky and the patron god apparent of dragons. Worshipped primarily in dragonfolk cultures as an ancient deity, Nalúnt has slept underneath the earth for millennia for reasons unknown, although many say that he will awaken at the end of the world.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Nalúnt is described in ancient accounts as dragon beyond the size of all known living things; some have come to assume that the so-called Dragon's Spine Mountains are in fact the spine of Nalúnt himself - so large that he himself appears like the landscape as sleeps underneath the earth. Descriptions of Nalúnt tend to vary; sometimes described with four limbs and then six. When present above the surface, Nalúnt is said to peer above the clouds and eclipse the tallest peaks of the world; his very eyes apparently as bright as the sun. There is little to no numerical attribution to the size of Nalúnt, although if the Dragon's Spine Mountains are in fact the very spine of Nalúnt, he may be several miles long.

History[edit | edit source]

As a force of nature, several have come to accept that Nalúnt came to be upon the inception of the world. Myths surrounding Nalúnt's creation include a sire of Isiris and Nalashtannylor, or sometimes Isiris and Drascasur. It was said that Nalúnt was birthed out of the formless chaos of creation or sometimes the very core of the world. Most myths surrounding Nalúnt tend to describe his emergences as rare; his last apparent emergence was the last War of the Gods some millennia ago. Those who believe in Nalúnt's existence, including cults and the like often take pilgrimages to the Dragon's Spine Mountains; the place that Nalúnt is believed to be sleeping. Given the frequency of earthquakes and turbulent weather in this region, it may be more than myth that Nalúnt slumbers there. Nalúnt is sometimes believed to be the progenitor of the Storm drakes; although as to how Nalúnt gave life to those beings remain a mystery.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Nalúnt has little to no dealings with other deities; in the vast annals of time, Nalúnt has spent countless thousands of years asleep. As a dragon, the dragonlike Drascasur tends to resent his likeness to Nalúnt, and has tried and failed in the past to win the mind of the dragon so that he could bring about the end of the world. It is thought that the other Forces of nature tend to leave Nalúnt to his own devices; awakening such a massive creature could entail catastrophic damage to the world. Other demon lords, especially Druacath, also believe that Nalúnt could be used for these purposes, although the means of using such an entity is beyond their reach.

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