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Nalashtannylor is the Great God that represents the weather, purity, the balance between the worlds of the Firmament and protection of mortalkind. One of the most ancient deities known to the Firmament, Nalashtannylor was a patron god of the Aurelians as well as a widely revered deity in the nations of Dalmira, Taelen, Ezaren and possibly even notions of his worship within the Khastai. His symbol is the eponymous Sigil of Nalashtannylor.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

In religious iconography throughout history, Nalashtannylor has had no true fixed appearance save for a motif that likens him to an eagle. The later dynasties of the Aurelian Empire portrayed Nalashtannylor as an anthropomorphic humanoid with an avian head and talon-like feet, with his skin and feathers generally painted a dark blue and tinted with gold. Earlier depictions of Nalashtannylor tend to stylise him as completely avian, resembling a phoenix. Few instances of ancient art have depicted Nalashtannylor as completely humanoid, although such instances are parts of legends where he is disguised as a mortal man. Post-Aurelian art tends to depict Nalashtannylor in the more commonly seen anthropomorphic fashion, sometimes with wings. He is generally possessing a trident-like object that symbolises his power over the heavens.

History[edit | edit source]

Traces of worship attesting to Nalashtannylor has been known to exist even in prehistoric times; it is thought that the pre-dynastic Aurelian culture may have been a disunited array of tribes with multiple religious cults, some surrounding Nalashtannylor. Few archaeologists across the world have agreed to a numerical attribution of prehistoric iconography of Nalashtannylor, as even Aurelian historians in the ancient period were uncertain of the origins of these tribal cults.

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Realm[edit | edit source]

Little is known of Abode of Nalashtannylor; some cultists contest that Nalashtannylor's abode is somewhere on Telamon, and some of the more ancient legends concerning him believe him to have an abode in the tallest mountain peaks of the world.

Others say that Nalashtannylor is the supreme deity of Arcadia, the plane of the angels named Arcadians.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Seen as an elder figure to large array of deities within the Firmament, Nalashtannylor is an entity of whose presence alone demands respect and awe. Several religious depictions of Nalashtannylor believe him to be a sibling figure to Soldalatel and sometimes a spouse of Isiris, although the truth behind these bonds are not clear. As a preserver of the universal balance, Nalashtannylor is met with a great disdain by the dark gods - Drascasur and Varagarash Narahil for undermining their presences alongside the revulsion of innumerable demon lords of Irkalla who vie for the potential breaching and invasion of the mortal plane. Some cults in Dalmira believe that Nalashtannylor is in fact the progenitor of the Dalmiric pantheon, and even the Dalmiric gods portray Nalashtannylor in a divine light.

Traditionally, Nalashtannylor is seen also as the progenitor of Nalúnt and sometimes seen as the creator of the angels known as the Arcadians due to several aesthetic similarities and mutual iconography shared with Nalashtannylor himself. Nalashtannylor's relationship with mortalkind is not well researched; as an ancient deity, worship in Nalashtannylor has not been properly practised across the world for several millennia. It is not known if Nalashtannylor himself has sired any demigod spawn with mortal kind in history, and it is generally believed that he has not.

Cult of Nalashtannylor[edit | edit source]

Though not a cult in any official sense, belief in Nalashtannylor is ubiquitous across the world yet more common in northern and western countries where the cultural origins have retained a resemblance to the ancient rites and rituals that were practised in the name of Nalashtannylor. Seen as an archaic and more liturgical entity within Dalmira, Taelen and Ezaren still generally regard Nalashtannylor as their supreme deity, although since the inceptions of their civilisations, these religions have further incorporated deities into their pantheons.

Clergy[edit | edit source]

Clerical authorities of Nalashtannylor tend not to exist in the modern age. Any rituals involving worshipping Nalashtannylor are ultimately without any true leader, and it is common to see those volunteer to be heads of rituals rather than ascribed status dictating those who lead. There is no specific demographic that worships Nalashtannylor aside from a greater concentration of northern and western cultures, although it is considered that Nalashtannylor may be wider worshipped in beastfolk cultures in the modern age as opposed to elvish cultures in ancient times. Places of worship in Nalashtannylor vary greatly from location to location in the world; immense and complex temples built from blackened stone exist in the expanses of Ezaren, whilst in Dalmira iconography of Nalashtannylor is usually limited to totem poles, although more inland locations contain wooden temples and shrines. Shrines generally consist of an avian effigy with the Sigil of Nalashtannylor carved into its base, usually made of wood.

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