New Covenant (Borost)

From Bestiary of the Hypogriph

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The New Covenant
File:Sigil of the New Covenant.jpg
A six-pointed Star over the Borost:Dark Moon.
Named afterThe Covenant
FounderThe Adjudicator
PurposeReligious militancy.
Official language
Identity unknown
Identity unknown
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The New Covenant is a militant religious organization that operates throughout Borost. They are infamous for their large number of terrorist acts and ongoing violent activity, with targets including Borostim and Dwaerkar alike.

The New Covenant is the most recent in a long string of violent and seditious organisations whose efforts to undermine the authority of the Dwaerkar result in murder and violence. It is no surprise that the New Covenant is, itself, targeted by both the authorities, and by elements such as the Rangers.