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Sadistic Malice[edit | edit source]

Nightmares are always cruel, however as with their kin they also are always jovial and friendly. Pleased with themselves and for their words, you would think they are always doing you a favor. Their favor takes the form, however, of interpreting the worst possible form of your desires or requests. Nightmares are sometimes called devils or fiends. They are believed to be drawn forth by the worst of night terrors or horrific paranoia and it can seem like they are deceivers for they always act as if they are giving you precisely what you ask for. But they always seem to find the way that will ruin you. As with kelpies and unicorns, nightmares too seem strangely unified with their peers. They show none of the miscommunication or trickery with unicorns, which one might expect they would oppose. A nightmare may very well be called to the aide of a Unicorn and it's acts will be "good" to the slimmest of margins (but still good because a unicorn can only do good). Nightmares never call on Unicorns, but they do summon kelpies. All three are known to work together when their respective quests and missions call for it.

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