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Nith, otherwise known as the Shadow of the Gods, the Black-Eyed God, the Master of Lies and the Left Hand of Horskr, is a member of the Tusclandic pantheon and is the Tusclandic god of trickery, chaos, illusions and shadows.

Background and History[edit | edit source]

Early History[edit | edit source]

Nith was spawned from the shadows cast by Horskr and the rest of the Tusclandic deities, as well as those cast by the very realms the gods governed and every denizen and subject, whether alive, dead or inanimate, that resided within them. Curious about the world and its gods and peoples, Nith traveled across the world in various disguises - such as that of a man and woman, a tween, an elder, a snake, a wolf and a salmon - learning and formulating tricks both mundane and magical from the denizens of the world while using a combination of deceit, seduction and murder to keep themselves safe. They gathered many secrets and spells throughout their journeys, soon coming to know of the realm of Drengrheim and its ruler Horskr and, in their mischievous ambition, deciding to make it a goal to supplant Horskr and place themselves upon his throne.

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