Norrigan Sunseeker

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A fine lad, if I've ever seen one! We need more young people like Norrigan; eager to please, and eager to do the right thing. There's a certain spark in his eye, you see... one you don't see very often. I'm very sure the Veiled Lady has blessed him with a great destiny.
โ€” Grandmaster Rickard Lionheart on Norrigan

Norrigan Sunseeker is a human knight of Aynach who serves the Order of the All-Seeing. A devoted follower of Isiris, he has been given the rank of Knight-Errant by his superiors, meaning he is tasked with travelling through the land and ensuring its safety from the forces of darkness. A kind-hearted man with seemingly boundless enthusiasm, he is eager to prove himself worthy to his Order at every chance he gets.

History[edit | edit source]

Norrigan was born in Visonia, a city located south to the capital of Aynach, the second child of the Sunseeker noble family after his older sister Nicole. His father, Willalme Sunseeker, was an acting knight of the Order of the All-Seeing, a fact which led the young Norrigan to admire them as he was often brought along during more menial days; upon reaching adulthood, he had enlisted into the Order and became Willalme's official squire. Years of training and action in the frontline against hostile creatures such as bandits, goblins and ogres saw Norrigan growing into a fine knight of his own right, eventually leading him into be chosen into the ranks of the Knight-Errants. Tasked with patrolling the land for evil while also ensuring the ideals of his noble order are introduced to those out of it, Norrigan dedicated himself to meeting new people and making new allies thorough his adventures.

Features[edit | edit source]

Norrigan is a young man with fair skin, short, blonde hair and green eyes. Standing at a meter and seventy, he is typically seen wearing his suit of armor which portrays the easily recognized insignia of the Order of the All-Seeing Knights. Under it, he possesses a fit physique from the many years of training under his order. His face is rarely seen as he typically only removes his helm to sleep, but a noticeable scar can be seen over his left eyebrow, a remnant of a wound sustained when fighting his first bandit.

A friendly and highly optimistic man, Norrigan loves meeting new people and making new companions, whom he enjoys travelling at every chance. His zeal for the aynachian pantheon is also strong, and he is quick to exclaim the name of the Veiled Lady when excited. Trained to fight in melee with a sword and shield, Norrigan's weapons are enchanted with holy magic which he can activate to deal greater damage to undead and evil outsiders like demons. He is considered a strong and capable combatant, willing to endure the blunt of an enemy's blows in order to buy his allies time to retaliate.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

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