Nugkroc Gorepunch

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I see something I want, I take it! I see someone in my way, I eat it! I am Gorepunch, ruler of the Starcrushers! The Feared! Rulers of all Ogres! All those who follow me shall feast in the flesh and bone of other peoples, and all those who refuse will be dessert!
โ€” Nugkroc Gorepunch to his followers

Nugkroc Gorepunch is the chieftain of the Starcrusher Tribe of Ogres and the self-proclaimed ruler of the entire Ogrelands.

History[edit | edit source]

Born in 2618 3E among the Starcrushers, one of the largest Ogre tribes of the northern Ogrelands, Nugkroc was noted for his large size among his siblings as soon as he left the womb. He would grow up to serve as one of the bodyguards of the then-chieftain Danzukk Lonetooth, though his desire for great power led him to plot a coup almost as quickly as he was drafted into his role. According to tales from the Starcrushers, a young Nugkroc travelled north to the sacred rock formation known as Druacath's Axes and received a vision from the demon lord himself, who gifted him the greataxe now known as the King of Butchers, before travelling south to the sacred Great Hoodoo and receiving a visit from Kurgram, who dared Nugkroc to devour her in exchange of making him the most charismatic Ogre who ever lived, which he would proceed to do. Whether Nugkroc actually received these divine visits is questionable, as the legend becomes more grandiose every time it is told, but it is a fact that the ambitious Ogre returned home with an extremely powerful weapon which he used to cripple Danzukk Lonetooth and then exploded his head with a punch, earning him the surname of Gorepunch.

Nugkroc became chieftain of the Starcrushers as a result, with the rest of the tribe following him in an combination of awe and fear as he declared his goal to unify the Ogrelands under his iron fist and turn it into a mighty empire to conquer the world with. Since Nugkroc rose to power, Ogre raids into Aynach and Arkhanset increased in frequency as the Ogre tribes bordering these nations grew bolder.

Features[edit | edit source]

Nugkroc Gorepunch is a giant of an Ogre, standing at a 3,5 meters tall. He wears a crown decorated with the horns of Sand Drakes, his grin is crooked and missing many teeth, and he sports a long black beard which reaches his chest. He is usually content to remain shirtless, exposing his obese and rotund form while wearing heavy leather pants held together by a belt decorated with the skull of a Troll. His weapon of choice is the King of Butchers, a massive greataxe which according to legend was gifted to Nugkroc by the demon lord Druacath, though many believe he may have simply found it by accident. The greataxe's tremendous power, combined with the Ogre chief's strength, allows him to disembowel other Ogres in a single strike.

A feared and hateful creature, Nugkroc believes the world to be his birthright, and his goal in life is to turn the Ogrelands into an empire which will literally devour the rest of the world. He is short-tempered and intolerant to anything that may stay between him and whatever it is he has in mind at the moment, leading him to kill his own incompetent followers very often. While he considers himself the most handsome and charismatic of all Ogres, many tribes follow him out of fear rather than admiration, while others despise him altogether; indeed, Nugkroc is nowhere near his goal of unifying the Ogrelands, for much of it still wants him dead.

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