Nymphs (Firmament)

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Nymphs are a species of fey who serve as guardians of portions of wild land, whose beauty has the capability of rendering other beings blind.

Biology[edit | edit source]

Nymphs resemble Elven women of otherworldly beauty, usually content to remain stark nude and with long hair which flows on its own like water. Unlike some types of Elves, Nymphs do not have horns. The average Nymph is 1,9 meters tall and has no definite lifespan, living so long as their home body of water remains flowing. Nymphs are all female, and procreate by mating with humanoids; their offspring are always fullblooded Nymphs.

Ecology[edit | edit source]

Nymphs are protectors of nature who live in permanent bodies of freshwater, typically large lakes and rivers, where they use their power of plant matter to encourage the growth of their territory and ensure its protection from supernatural threats. As a result, Nymph groves tend to be beautiful and well cared for. Nymphs have been spotted in all continents of Telamon, usually found in more sparsely populated regions.

Society[edit | edit source]

Nymphs tend to congregate in small groups who spend their days floricking and sharing the same river lake, led by the oldest and wisest among them. Because they can literally blind other sapient beings with their beauty, Nymphs are normally reclusive, as to not harm others. When their trust is earned by outsiders, Nymphs are usually curious and amorous, leading to many legends of men and women alike being taken as lovers by the fey creatures.

In Khiiratsuna, Nymphs share their river homes with Kappas, and the two races are fond of playing pranks on one another.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Nymphs are naturally magical creatures with power over druidic magic, which allows them to manipulate plants and earn the aid of animals. Thanks to their association with water, they are also able to manipulate it in impressive displays of sorcery. Perhaps their most famed trait, however, is that, should a Nymph choose to do so, she may literally blind an invader with her sheer beauty. Such blindness is a curse that may only be removed by the Nymph who delivered it or very powerful divine magic.

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