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Man's gotta eat. If he gotta bash some skulls in to do that, then so be it.
โ€” Ogre philosophy

Ogres are a race of humanoids who are nearly ubiquitous across the continent of Dryadala. Known for their voracious appetites and violent disposition, they are considered among the more dangerous denizens of the rural portions of the landscape.

Biology[edit | edit source]

Superficially, ogres resemble rotund Humans with pronounced gullets. Most possess a single horn growing out of their foreheads, though the more magically-inclined among them are known to grow two. They are physically impressive creatures, being extremely strong and resilient, to the point smaller man-sized weapons are not able to faze them much. The average adult Ogre is 2,8 meters tall, weights 400 kgs and lives up to 100 years.

History[edit | edit source]

The Ogres are native to the area known as the Ogrelands, but their specific origins are a mystery; ancient Elven texts dating from 8,000 years ago do not speak of such creatures living near their land. The Ogres only rose to prominence after the rise of Mankind in the continent, implying a possible connection between the two races, though it may be merely coincidental.

Society[edit | edit source]

Culture[edit | edit source]

Ogres are very simple creatures, and their culture is based around three concepts: getting more food, gaining more wealth and being the strongest fighter. They are gluttons to the absolute core, and most ogres cannot resist eating everything they see that might be edible, be it actual food or a living being such as a Human. To add to that, they are notoriously cannibalistic, especially towards individuals who have wronged them. Among the only races Ogres will not eat are Kobolds, who apparently taste too foul even for them.

Ogres gain positions of power by being stronger and richer than their peers. A tribe is led by a chieftain who rose after beating their rivals into submission or, in most cases, killing and eating them. Most tribes are patriarchal in nature, with the chieftain claiming all females as his wives, though he may be willing to share them with his closest friends.

Many Ogres serve as mercenaries across the land, offering to be hired muscle so that they may buy better food or equipment, while others have been integrated into the society of other nations. The latter tend to copy the mannerisms (such as accents or clothing styles) of the local populace to an exaggerated degree in order to appear genuinely friendly; most non-Ogres find these antics either endearing or awkward.

Religion[edit | edit source]

As a primitive and savage race who possesses a lack of empathy for others, most Ogres revere dark deities such as the demon lords as their gods, who are worshipped by bloody rituals where captured creatures (usually humanoids) are eaten alive and screaming. Druacath and Hamoilles are among their most revered lords, though their highest patron is Kurgram, the Bloated Mother. The presence of Xitannoth in the Ogrelands leads many of the tribes there to worship him as a fearsome monster to be honoured by making sure no food ever rots away, and in return, the giant vulture demigod enjoys terrorizing the ogres and eating them in order to intimidate them into continuing their reverence.

Relations with other races[edit | edit source]

Most Ogres see other races as just another source of food and battle, and they enjoy raiding their neighbours. This leads the race to be seen as brutish savages by most people. Ogres are also popular slaves among the more morally questionable individuals thanks to their powerful bodies, though they are known to be stubborn when enslaved and must be truly terrorized to obey orders, as they otherwise lack any fear of punishment.

Notable Ogres[edit | edit source]

  • Starcrusher Tribe
    • Nugkroc Gorepunch the Feared - chieftain of the Starcrushers and self-proclaimed "Great Chieflord" of the Ogrelands

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