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The Omniverse is a "non-denominational" way of referring to Everything, the Whole or The All; the total and unrestricted set (within itself) of what exists, is, was and will be. It is the highest of the Planar Levels.

The nature and properties of the Omniverse are disputed. While its dominant interpretation is the Milegu, there is also the Supreme World; and some place Umaggar, the Semifinite as a likely candidate or even point to him out of doctrine.

Milegu[edit | edit source]

The 'Milegu' is proposed and studied as such mainly by Dussians. His research is prestigious among a multitude of species, which tend to share the hegemonic milegunian hypothesis without reservation. The Milegu is one of the least restrictive views on the Omniverse, since it allows paradoxes and the absurd without limits. One of the most cited evidences for the Milegu is the existence of the Absurd Worlds, which would be impossible in a logically coherent omniverse. Hence the need for the Paradox Theory and its related concepts such as the Impossibility of the impossible.

Supreme World[edit | edit source]

The 'Supreme World' is another possible interpretation of the Omniverse. It is more mathematically ordered than the Milegu and has less mythopoetic load; but for that very reason, it is less explanatory of a variety of strange phenomena.

Umaggar[edit | edit source]

'Umaggar, the Semifinite' is sometimes regarded as the Omniverse, as it contains multiple multiverses and varying dimensions. The Institute for the Study of Fractalized Anomalies has as its dogma Orthodoxy, a doctrinal series that enunciates a series of principles about Umaggar, only limitedly "questionable". These doctrines, among other things, place it as the only omniversal alternative. The Institute is a technically very advanced organization of meta-multiversal scope - which on occasion uses its techniques to censure those who oppose this "orthodox" interpretation.

References[edit | edit source]

References allude to an article's relationship to "real life". Template:Notice explanatory Independent omniverses can be used by authors (individual or collective) to differentiate their creations from those of others. However, this only makes sense if a certain level of metaphysics is going to be used to explain how that reality works; otherwise a plane or even a planet will suffice. The omniverses like the Milegu or Umaggar can have infinite multiverses within them. For more information and a more complete explanation, see Omniverse (Planar level).