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Ontrea is a country located in the heartlands of Aurelia. A place of rich agricultural practice and famously high-built cities, Ontrea is known as one of the nations of mankind on Telamon. A nation based on economic efficiency and strength of its people, Ontrea is thought of as the hardened and more militant sister nation to Tuaben.

History[edit | edit source]

The Kingdom of Ontrea was formed approximately five centuries ago following the dissolution of the Terusian Empire after civil wars plagued the land. Ontrea's economy was not as quick to recover as Tuaben; as the Terusian Empire's southern ports now belonged to Tuaben, Ontrea placed more emphasis into agriculture. Civilians of Ontrea suffered for nearly two decades as shortages of food placed many tens of thousands into poverty, although the nation eventually recovered. Ontrea's cities were fortified and rebuilt over time after quarrying in the mountains to the west.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Ontrea is at the very centre of Aurelia; flanked by a wide mountain range to its western border, Ontrea is known for its high ground and vast plains. The Terus River flows from Daune Lake (where the capital city of Daune is situated), and flows south into Tuaben's coast. Located on a similar latitude to Aynach and Eryliana, Ontrea is home to vast woodlands at its mountain bases. Ontrea is temperate all year round, with cold winters and warm summers. The northern cities of Nerune and Vangaren commonly witness snow in the winter season. Wolves, bears, deer and ibex are highly common sights in Ontrea's wilderness.

Government[edit | edit source]

Ontrea is governed by a hereditary monarchy that stems from the same familial ties to Tuaben's own monarchy. Unlike the more democratically aligned Tuaben, Ontrea's governmental power lies closer to the crown and there is less political delegation among Ontrea's governors. Ontrea is also home to a large population of serfs that possess slightly less freedoms than that of those of Tuaben - serfs however still maintain a rather free and safe way of life in comparison to the highly oppressed slaves of Khiya and Manis.

Religion[edit | edit source]

Similar to their neighbouring nation Aynach, Ontrea's central religions are cults of Isiris, Soldalatel and Aldirei. Though freedom of religion is practised in Ontrea, cults of other deities are not nearly as common. Cults in Nalashtannylor are more common further south towards the border with Tuaben.

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Ontrea is culturally diverse, although the Ontrean peoples are a nationality of humans that come from a separate tribe to the Mannazeians. As such, Ontrean people exhibit darker complexions than that of their western cousins and speak the Ontrean language, which is a more archaic form of the common tongue.

Relations[edit | edit source]

A nation of farmers and soldiers, Ontreans are a people based on economic efficiency and military strength. The similarities in religious cults and militant nature shared with Aynach opens several dialogues of trade. Though Ontrea is officially allies with Tuaben, the two nations have shared political tensions for centuries following the war that split them apart.

  • Ambivalent relations
  • Negative relations

Notable Ontreans[edit | edit source]

  • Kingdom of Ontrea
    • Lybos III - King of Ontrea
    • Ucria - Queen of Ontrea

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