Ookin Dookinton

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Ook you right in the dooker!
โ€” Ookin, before beating up a rival

Ookin Dookinton, self-proclaimed Ookin Dookinton II of Dookins, is the grooker pirate who commandeers the ship known as the Ookin Ship and who serves as one of the lords of Dead Man's Bay's Coincil o' Captains.

History[edit | edit source]

Ookin is believed to have been born at Dead Man's Bay itself, a son of monkey pirates who sought to become one himself. Through vigorous training, he eventually defeated his father - seemingly also named Ookin Dookinton - and took over his ship, which he proceeded to take north to terrorize the trade routes of eastern Natelar and western Aurelia. His renown as a succesful pirate and terrifying fighter earned him the title of pirate lord, after he broke the jaw of another member of the Council o' Captains during an argument.

Features[edit | edit source]

Ookin is a muscular grooker whose face is covered in scars earned in previous battles. He wears an outfit common to a pirate captain, complete with a large tricorne hat decored with a macaw feather, though his clothes are somewhat tattered as he pays little attention to his own appearance.

Ookin seeks adventure above all else, and his love for seafaring is well noted. While he raids and loots whenever possible to amass riches, he is among the pirates who prefer to not hurt innocents when possible and has a reluctance to kill in general, though he is not above knocking out authorities in his way. While he holds both a cutlass and a pistol in his person, he prefers to simply beat down his opponents with his bare hands when possible.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

  • Allies
    • First Mate Eep Eep - Ookin's right-hand ape, Eep Eep is Ookin's first and most loyal crewmate.
    • Council o' Captains - Ookin serves as a loyal member of the pirate council.
    • Pelagrios Wavebreaker - Ookin respects Pelagrios for being one of the few who can out-drink him.
  • Ambivalent
    • Axshuai of the Serpent Blood - Ookin isn't fond of Axshuai's attitude or the way she smells.
    • Fallows Zayne - Ookin is utterly terrified of Zayne, only approaching him when together with the Council o' Captains.
    • Tibalt - Ookin has, in more than one occasion, confused Tibalt for a giant walking chili pepper.
  • Enemies
    • N'hali Brineheart - Ookin claims he intends to "ook the spooker in his dooker", though in reality he is deathly afraid of him.

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