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Orayu are a race of humanoids who resemble aquatic beings not too far removed from fish, somewhat related to the Merfolk around Telamon. Found in the northernmost reaches of the world, typically in underwater environments, Orayu are an enigmatic culture that appear to be hostile to anyone that swims over their waters.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Orayu are bipedal creatures that stand easily twice the height of a normal human, possessing several aquatic features that do not stray too far away from fish. Most Orayu possess a wiry stature, although it is known that older Orayu tend to have more massive statures. Orayu tails are lengthy and streamlined to aid them with swimming underwater. Some Orayu are also capable of chameleon reflexes and can hide in plain sight, and others tend to grow carapaces.

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