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Ormenthdraverang is the demon lord of demon lord of madness, frivolity, debauchery and gluttony, and is one of the lesser known gods worshipped across the mortal dominion. His unholy symbol is a disembodied eye.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Ormenthdraverang is a being without a singular form; generally depicted as an anthropomorphic man with an undetermined animal head; sometimes a snake and less frequently that of an ape. He is normally dressed in flamboyant finery that glints an iridescent shade, usually in a mismatch of colours and varying complexities of print. His believers generally do not settle on one appearance, and often claim that he takes on the appearance of wildly unbelievable forms, such as a duck or a clown.

History[edit | edit source]

Unlike the other demon lords of Tartarus, Ormenthdraverang's origins have no real grounding. Some stories of the origins of Ormenthdraverang include him being one of the Greater Gods that was cast out of the pantheon for his insanity and violation of divine laws, or was a collective product of a war between demon lords near the beginning of time. Ormenthdraverang himself claims all of these stories to be both true and false at the same time. Some of the darker believers in Ormenthdraverang believe him to be one of the nine of the Formless Ennead.

Realm[edit | edit source]

Ormenthdraverang's realm is the realm of Fragmentation; an unstable dominion of weak natural laws and consistency, including the flow of time itself. Much like the mad god himself, Ormenthdraverang's demons are reflections of the states of madness - some are whimsical and maniacal, whilst others are violently aggressive and are reckless to the point of self destruction. No magical historian or demonologist believe that anyone who has ever entered Ormenthdraverang's realm has left it, and anyone that has more than likely drove themselves insane.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Ormenthdraverang is a god without law, and thus, all deities and demon lords are merely objects of amusement to him. Unconcerned with any notion of power over another demon lord and much rather the opportunity to toil with their plans until they fall apart, the demon lords of Tartarus often keep as much distance from Ormenthdraverang as possible. Kaicaiusarin believes Ormenthdraverang to be the most powerful entity in the Firmament, although several demon lords tend to believe that he is little more than a harmless fool. Nalashtannylor greatly abhors Ormenthdraverang's existence; reasons why are not entirely clear, although it is believed that not even Nalashtannylor is perfectly safe from the madness that Ormenthdraverang projects across the universe.

Cult of Ormenthdraverang[edit | edit source]

Not worshipped in any true expanse across the world, Ormenthdraverang is enigmatic to most of the population of the material plane. As his spheres are madness and frivolity, worship of Ormenthdraverang has rarely ever gained a following of any notion.

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