Ouwe the Founder

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File:Ouwe the Founder.jpg
A posthumous portrait of Ouwe the Founder, as he appeared in old age.

Ouwe the Founder was a great Dwaerkar leader who led the Dwaerkar to Borost. Ouwe, although a real figure, has ascended into legend, and many of his deeds have become romanticised with the passing of time.

Ouwe famously established Needeaalderstad, which has become known as Ouwestad, shortly after the Dwaerkar landed in Borost.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Issue and succession[edit | edit source]

Ouwe had three children: Borost:Ouwe II Ouwegund, who died childless, Borost:Grandahl Ouwegund, who perished at a young age, and Ladda Ouwegund, who married Borost:Keris Ÿphergund, the founder of Clan Ÿphergund.

Thus, Clan Ouwegund became extinct shortly after Ouwe's own demise.