Penumbra (Firmament)

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Penumbra is the region of Irkalla ruled by the god Drascasur.

Description[edit | edit source]

Penumbra is sometimes described as one of the deepest domains of Irkalla, though more modern translations suggest that Penumbra exists on the fringe of the Firmament, albeit within the depths of Irkalla itself. Few things are described regarding Penumbra - it is mostly depicted as a perplexing maze of blackened chasms. Drascasur himself is enthroned within the core of the realm.

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Drascasur's echelon of demons are spawned out of the quagmire that runs in ways through the realm - chimerical and demoniacal abominations that swarm mindlessly throughout the realm. Other demons of Irkalla tend to exhibit fear out of the prospect of traversing through the chasms of Penumbra; the ever present and real possibility of being lost or being swept away and torn to shreds by the demon swarms. Those who live in this domain as an afterlife experience an equally torturous experience, although those that worship Drascasur often relish the opportunity to live in an eternity of chaos.

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