Phoenix (Firmament)

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Phoenixes are a species of avian magical beast. Phoenixes are the sacred animal of Soldalatel, the goddess of the sun. In historic times, the Phoenix was also the sacred symbol of the Aurelians, and is widely depicted in ancient art. In modern times, Phoenixes are almost extinct, and any notion of them tend to be either in legend or rumour. Many believe that the Phoenixes are slowly leaving Telamon for the heavens of Ziana.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Phoenixes possess an array of iridescent feathers, ranging from a rich gold to a crimson red. Phoenixes vaguely resemble eagles in physical stature and appearance, and vary immensely in size. The smallest of adult phoenixes average around one metre tall, whilst the largest are nearly fifteen metres and appear closer to Rocs. As a result, they weigh between an average of ten kilograms to an excess of two hundred. Due to their relation to Soldalatel, Phoenixes often radiate a brilliant light that follows them wherever they fly.

Ecology[edit | edit source]

Phoenixes are adaptable and are known to inhabit any known environment provided there is suitable space for a nest and prey. As historical accounts tell of giant phoenixes preying on giant scorpions, Phoenixes once used to inhabit the deserts. The last sightings of Phoenixes in recent history suggest that they side on mountainsides far from civilisation. Phoenixes are in fact omnivorous and are known to harvest tree fruits.

Society[edit | edit source]

Phoenixes are solitary creatures their entire lives, and the last of the Phoenixes that live on Telamon have been present one way or another since the beginning of time. Some of the most respected and wise of Aurelians in ancient times were known to have Phoenix companions, and often each Phoenix traded an 'owner' once the previous dies. In modern times, it said that the sighting of a Phoenix is a fortuitous omen. Devotees of the benevolent elder gods have claimed to have had their lives saved by the presence of Phoenixes in the wilderness.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

The most notable trait of Phoenixes are that they live countless lives; whilst many live for around five centuries, they are known to die by self combustion and are reborn from their predecessor's ashes. By some measure, it is believed that each passing generation of Phoenix carries the knowledge of their ancestors, and become wiser over time. As sacred creatures, Phoenixes are anathema to the undead and are capable of erasing them with the flap of their wings. Their feathers have been long sought after by alchemists as a key ingredient for an elixir of immortality, although no such instance has ever occurred.

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