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Joyfully Lost[edit | edit source]

Pixies are small, they live their lives very fast. Short attention spans. They dart around from place to place. They see a thing, they want it, they like sweet things. They're really very childish.

They sometimes come from children that never learned even the most cursory forms of self-discipline, So they never grew up.

They eventually start to shrink. Their parents want to keep them around, but eventually they get distracted by a pretty butterfly and wander off. They forget where their home is but they don't mind much. Eventually they start forgetting other things. Shrink further and grow wings. Eventually they might forget they used to be human. They don't really need to eat, they just chase after things that taste sweet and colorful things that look pretty. Sometimes there's a particularly pretty place, and groups of pixies will all be drawn to it. Just as part of their semi-random method of moving around. They congregate towards the local maxima.

There are enchanting little flower gardens filled with pixies.

Newly formed pixies can emerge from certain flowers that only start to grow in areas where lots of pixies live.

Flower-born pixies are different from ones that used to be human. They never really learn to speak, but they do laugh and play.

Unfortunately for the pixies, they're too prone to chasing after things, which gets them eaten quite a lot. Humans are extremely reluctant to killing pixies, if a pixie murderer is found an entire village may exile them. That might have been gwen from down the road's kid.

In some cultures this is a fairy tale told to scare children. If you don't pay attention you'll turn into a pixie. In other cultures pixies are vilified for stealing children (which can happen, as pixies often draw children into their game, treating them like "big-little-brothers and sisters".)

Pixies of all kinds have no restraint, and thus can be terribly cruel.

Many a parent is haunted by their child becoming a pixie. Because it's entirely possible it was the fault of the parenting.

The pixies don't care though. They're happy, in their own semi-sapient way.

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