Plane of Fire (Firmament)

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The Plane of Fire is one of the four regions of the Elemental Plane, currently ruled by the territorial elemental lord Vulcardentron.

Description[edit | edit source]

The earth of the Plane of Fire is made up of solid lava, and the skies are red and covered in volcanic smoke. Immense volcanoes constantly erupt across the landscape, giving birth to numerous rivers and lakes of lava. Blazing storms of fire scorch the flesh and bone of any creature unfortunate enough to venture there without protection from the heat.

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Fire Elementals call the Plane of Fire their home, and generally tend to defend it aggressively against any intruders, be them other elementals or outsiders. Such is the heat of the realm that creatures not immune to the averse effects of fire are unable to survive there for more than a few instants.

The Magma Wyrms are the True Wyrms native to the Plane of Fire.

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