Plants (AAma)

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Plants[edit | edit source]

The plants of Na'Hampana are widely varied due to the multitudes of climatic regions in Na'Hampana, from vast towering plateaus, to deep black jungles. They are classified by botanical taxonomists primarily by their type, and secondarily by whether or not they're magic

Trees[edit | edit source]

  • A'prama: a tall palm with long broad leaves.
  • Huli'Grintr: a tall deciduous tree with green wood.
  • Bazaz: a stunted deciduous with bright red leaves.
  • Junlikr: a broad leafed tree that never loses its leaves and has black wood.
  • Atpremtapa: A medium sized palm with long thin leaves.
  • Firzinti: a short evergreen with deep green needles.
  • Amptranta: a deciduous with thin yellow leaves.
  • Gig'Nahat: a deciduous with thin Red leaves.

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