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This article belongs to the Occulthec. It's main content is a textual transcription reformatted from a primary source; in this case, from Tanya Casteel (check Wikipedia).
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Polar Bear symbolizes endurance, tenacity, and courage.

Polar Bear is a powerful grounding force of strength during adversity, pulling together the courage to take action in necessary leadership roles without fear, especially when the responsibility is providing for others.

Polar Bear is a wise teacher and healer who feels gratitude for all of the small things, knowing that in order to succeed one must stay focused and grounded.

Polar Bear gives you the inner strength to thrive in hostile circumstances and environments. In doing so, its presence inspires respect from others.

Polar Bear is also an expert in swimming through emotional & spiritual waters, having the ability to come back from the brink of death.

Polar Bear reminds you to stay in touch with the earth’s cycles by seeking time for solitude, quiet, and rest. This allows you to preserve your physical and emotional energy, otherwise emotions can be stored as frozen blockages and stifle your expressive flow.

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