Pus Drake

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Template:Creature Pus drakes are a species of drake created by the alchemists of Skitterfall's Clan Chemicus, who serve as one of the many loathsome war monsters employed by the ratfolk.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

A pus drake is a hideous sight; a four-limbed dragon with decayed, pale gray scales which, from a distance, almost seems undead, though the creature is very much alive. Two pairs of horns grow from the sides of their heads, and their mouths are generally half-rotted, leaving their sharpened teeth fully exposed even when closed and leading them to constantly salivate a pus-like drool. Their eyes are pitch black in colour, though some are corrupted to the point of no longer having them. Their ratfolk typically outfit them with extra weapons and equipment, including tattered cloth around their heads, hooks in the wings and spikes in the tail tip. The average pus drake is eight meters long from head to tail and weights three hundred kilograms. Like most Skitterfall creations, they tend to both mature and expire extremely quickly.

Ecology[edit | edit source]

Pus drakes are believed to have originated from fire drakes who were captured by the Alchemist-Warlocks of Clan Chemicus and subject to gruesome experiments, as is the the case with all of Skitterfall's monstrous servants. Through the use of powerful magic and demonic corruption, the fire-breathing drakes were transformed into horrible beasts, broken into submission to serve as war beasts for the ratfolk. When not in war, these creatures are kept in pens guarded by rat slaves, where they may not fly away into the wilderness. Such was the corruption used in the creation of these monsters that they are now only barely sapient, only barely being able to speak in Skitterish tongue.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Pus drakes are so named for their breath attack, which takes either the form of a glob of pestilent pus, or a jet of the stuff coming out of their throats. This pus is acidic and burns through flesh quickly, while also possessing a stench bearable only to the drakes themselves; even the ratfolk must use protective masks to endure it. Like their masters, all sorts of diseases permeate a pus drake's body, so even approaching them at all puts one in danger. One of their other distinct characteristics is a complete immunity to pain, thanks to the ratfolk having numbed their nociceptors into uselessness, allowing them to continue fight even after suffering from grievous wounds.

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