Regions of Borost

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The term Regions of Borost refers to the commonly-accepted divisions of territory in the land according to social, political, and economic factors. Different groups tend to have different opinions as to what the Regions of Borost are (and, in fact, what Borost is).

Somewhat confusingly, the term Regions of Borost refers to both the Regions of Borost as well as regions in the Continent of Borost.

Regions of Borost[edit | edit source]

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The Continent and its perimeter[edit | edit source]

Borostím[edit | edit source]

Dwaerkar[edit | edit source]

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The Dwaerkar refer to the Regions of Borost by the name of the Dwaerkar freehold that encompasses each one.

The maps shown above refer to the bodies represented according to their Ouwestadian Dwaerkar names.

Homeland[edit | edit source]

The freehold of Tielsland has the unique privilege of being known as the Homeland, as it is the point at which the Dwaerkar first arrived in Borost, and the site of their first habitations.

Regions outside Borost[edit | edit source]

Lost Land[edit | edit source]

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The Lost Land is a legendary Land, and presumably the site of the genesis of the Dwaerkar race