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Those that have Lived Before[edit | edit source]

Sometimes it is not the genes but the memes that have started to fight for persistence. This is a parasitic Soul which seeks out developing embryos and hijacks their development to start forming along the lines of the reincarnate pattern. They sometimes also initiate a budding death making multiple copies of the reincarnate in all directions leading to the spread of an "identity", idea or skill to new fetuses. Guardian Spirits usually will defend or be vigilant against these as they sometimes can come with suicidal or mal-adaptive behaviors but generally only for the initial infection, after a reincarnate takes root in a new embryo and has "written" itself in it reads as offspring.

Due to the population of humans compared to animals it is quite often for animal spirits to be reincarnated in human communities and humans to be reincarnates within animals. Animal to human generally do not suffer terribly, they can be a little bit off but overall fine. However transitioning from human to animal can be horribly tragic. The human spirit cannot fully fit inside most animals and compromises need to be made. Occasionally physical traits will be further altered by a reincarnates' previous lives.

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