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Echoes of the Living[edit | edit source]

Hauntings, which are also called ghosts are a phenomena that can occur with any death. It is not however the result of the spirit of an individual being preserved after death. It is instead a form of magic/spirit that is created by those that yet live. A ghost is created and often times preserved by the memories, actions and responses of the living in a region of particularly rich ambient spirit.

They are similar to Poltergeists in how they can affect the world but they are much less dynamic.

Many ghosts are little more than puppets of the memories which formed them, playing out the same events, emotions, feelings or desires as was ascribed to them in life. A ghost may sometimes be empowered with more agency through these memories.

Rarely there is an ability to reason within a limited scope for a ghost. But this is usually only the case with the ghosts of figures who have a great many close friends, families or long time rivals/enemies among the living when they die.

It is also notable that a ghost can be formed even if the one it is based on has not actually died.

The Spirit which Persists[edit | edit source]

Ghost however is also used colloquially to mean the spirit which is produced after the death of a living thing. However to distinguish the actual living force/remains of a living thing is more specifically called a Soul.

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