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Goblins[edit | edit source]

An infant raised by mischievous rats who take to spoil the lives of others. They grow up learning theft, malice and the delight in tormenting others. They are fed sweets, and the favorites of others alongside garbage and refuse. They are kept barely alive as a way to taunt their former parents with their life. Goblins mature distorted and twisted, they do not ‘grow’ merely harden and lean out. They are clever and fast learners. Like the infants they once were they can pick up details about the world and learn it rapidly. And they never stop this. Their teeth grow strong and gnashing, their eyes acclimate to darkness, their bodies slender and flexible. Their ears acute, but they never grow taller.

Eventually another baby will be stolen by the gremlins, and the goblin will help raise this one and learn how to ‘care’ for it and then there will be two. Then a third, and finally a small pack of goblins will now be living in the walls and the sewers.

Eventually they will be independent if not outright antagonistic to the gremlins, they are now cleverer, more motivated and more cruel than the simple gremlins that raised them.

And they will have ambitions.

They will capture new babies to raise, they will stumble into finding their own ways to procreate and have their own children. They will forge a cruel and terrible half wild society that apes the humans they descend from. Nestled in the cracks and refuse of their home city they will carve club houses and labyrinths and mazes and playgrounds that run deep below.

They will devise entertainments crude and complicated.

they use empathy only to know how to torment others. They will be children forever and cruel because of it.

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