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Humans[edit | edit source]

Mundane humans, besides being able to transmute into all various sundry of beings, are not greatly different physically from what would be expected. Their cultures, of course, have been shaped over millennia by all this strange magic. Paranoid behavior is rampant and not entirely uncalled for, since danger lies in every corner. Obsessive behavior is strictly regulated, where there is a government to regulate. The brilliant are channeled into wizard colleges (which are themselves tense, since so many mad geniuses in close proximity leaves them with short tempers). Dragon eggs are stolen to create protectors, but then are slain to ensure the kingdom's safety, replaced with a new dragon of about the same age (sort of like Shamu) to keep moral up. Those kingdoms that don’t practice dragon cycling often find themselves under the rule of some form of tyrant wyrm. That said Humans are not devoid of their own uses of magic, A simpler more mundane kind of magic certainly. Humans who don't become wizards, develop figments or settle into other traps can practice simple rituals that appease or influence spirits. Exploit the powers of magical creatures, or even instigate effects in the ambient soul noise/mana of the world. These practitioners have many names and methodologies from alchemists to witches to magicians. They lack the raw and unbridled power of any of the other forces but they make do with such small magics. Some generalists even call themselves wizards.

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