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Souls, Ghosts & Spirits[edit | edit source]

Everything alive leaves remnants in the spirit world, especially after the living process ends, fire is the simplest and most prototypical living thing. Fire has an afterlife and leaves behind ghosts. Other more complex living things leave other ghosts and vestiges, most of these spirits are very simple and not of particular concern or interest. They eventually thin out and attenuate into meaningless spirit noise and the other activity of life and magic. A static in the spirit realm. You are shedding and suffused with the souls of your dying cells, your gut flora's afterlife leaks out of your abdomen as they pass and their spirits drift around and haunt your intestinal lining.

There are twigs that are vengefully seething at their lost status.

There are attenuated spirits of diatoms lurking in the cliffs.

The oil wells seethe with necromantic potentia a lost sea yearning to flow and live again drinking in the sunlight.

Dinosaur bones are often embraced in memories of flesh.

Zombie mammoths are not unheard of to wander in the frozen north or moan piteously in their pits.

There are spirit guardians of wolf packs and caribou herds in never ending war with one another.

Haunted beehives with angry queens buzzing after death.

And ghost turtles and oysters rising in malevolence to lay death curses on sea gulls.

Much of the iron in the world vaguely remembers a time of the great poisoning countless ages ago.

Most spirits in complex animals such as humans, are not really all that similar to how they were in life though. As most life has found a different use for the post mortem stage of the life cycle.

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