Reticzone Lambda (tourist ad)

From Bestiary of the Hypogriph

The following is a tourist ad by Escape Agencies (an interplanar travel company) for a tour into Reticzone Lambda, a planet in the demiverse Liwoge, the Impossible Paradise.

Feel the sense of a spiritual journey? To feel the warmth of a distant planet, a soothing sway of my muscles, a shiver of my heart? Abandon your Universe, before you leave this world, and enter into another.

Do you yearn for a mountainside? Do you ever close your eyes and feel the ring of your galaxy, the incessant hum of urban traffic, the bellowing of our cancer-ridden brains, which no doubt needlessly destroy and irrevocably stain our lives? Then Reticzone Lambda will be your solution.

A space scheme of Reticzone Lambda, of renoun for its beautiful rocks and mountains. The moon of Saling is visible.

Most of us would not want to live in hell. And yet we do.

The thrill of exploring this world and recording the life that we don’t have a right to exist in, is awesome. We can’t deny it.

But the woods, the nature that surrounds us, is not only that; it’s pure sensual contact. We can feel the tingly glow of life’s warmth, and the cooling bathedness of the stars. We can feel the ubiquitous of life’s green-paneled emptiness. We can feel that for the sake of a greater cause, we’re never ever leaving.

The mountains are the greatest a sentient being could strive for, because they remind us of our deities, and of the everlasting essence of ourselves.

There’s something about the mountains, a magic about them that never goes away.

They make us powerful, innately right.

Finding the Journey[edit | edit source]

If you want to find yourself a spiritual journey, most people use the method of finding an alter or a home, of finding what you need to move on.

I don’t want to, and for me, this is the first step on the journey to reach the heavens. You need to push yourself away from civilization. Don’t wallow in the negative. God loves you. Live your dreams, pursue them, and look for ways to attain them.

Right now in the pathless trails of the mountains, we learn about the sacred nature of nature and all of its mysteries.

There are no social media vines to shame you if you lost your memory in the wild, as an interpretation or onto this land. You learn to live a hard life, and you make mistakes.

But then, you discover what true beauty is and how much you can give into the wellspring of existence.

You’ll walk thousands of miles, learn a ton of new things, come face to face with many different kinds of natural creatures, and in general you learn how to become a better person.

The journey will strengthen you, and you’ll make your way into the state of living in the Holy Land, as we say. You have experienced a lot, but you have the spirit that you needed for this beautiful journey.