Ruud Moldenteft

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Professor Emeritus

Ruud Moldenteft
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Rudell Raddas Moldenteft

12 Aalderas +487
ResidenceGrand Library, Ouwestad
Alma materTerbrug University
Known forPlane theory
Relative plane theory
Moldenteft's Law
Notable work
An equiry into classical Borostím religion, Comparative Borostím-Dwaer magical theory, Concerning relative-state plane theory
Home townOuwestad
TitleProfessor Emeritus

Rudell Raddas "Ruud" Moldenteft, known (even in his academic publications) as Ruud Moldenteft is an explorer, historian, archaeologist, academician, intellectual, and professor emeritus at the Grand Library. His work specializes in Borostím culture and religion, and is considered to be seminal to any effort to understand the Borostím and their ways.

Together with friend and associate Tzulft Biredich, Professor Emeritus Moldenteft has been pivotal in the expeditionary attempts of the Grand Library.

Lifespan[edit | edit source]

Early years[edit | edit source]

Moldenteft expeditions[edit | edit source]

I Moldenteft[edit | edit source]

II Moldenteft[edit | edit source]

III Moldenteft[edit | edit source]

Restricted: III(a) Moldenteft[edit | edit source]

The Borost: Third (a) Moldenteft expedition, led by Ruud Moldenteft, successfully performed the sorcery necessary to access the Abyss, Causeway. Upon entering the Gates of the Abyss, the members of the expedition found themselves in a completely homogeneous void, devoid of any matter or any light.

In this void was suspended the Mentor, a Borostím individual, who appeared to deliver some cryptic advice. The Mentor informed the travelers that their presence was unwelcome in the Abyss, and that any traveler without the Borost:Eyes of Manred was unwelcome in the Abyss.

After several hours traversing the Abyss, but apparently going nowhere, and with no other features in sight, the sorcery Causeway was once again cast and the Expedition returned to Borost.

IV Moldenteft[edit | edit source]