Sepultura (Firmament)

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Template:Deity Sepultura is a psychopomp gravekeeper associated with skeletons, gravekeeping and retribution, considered the patron deity of those who ensure the sanctity of tombs. He is the enforcer of death, hunting down all those who would defy it. His holy symbol is a skeletal hand clenching a skull, as if prepared to crush it on its grasp.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Sepultura is a hulking humanoid skeleton of gigantic size. Stuck into his torso are hundreds of smaller, man-sized skeletons which form a grim suit of armor around his body, and he is shrouded into a black cloak made out of souls whose faces are locked in screaming expressions.

History[edit | edit source]

Followers of Sepultura claim he was born from the first mortal death, chosen by Dominus Mortis to be the first psychopomp gravekeeper. With the creation of undeath, he has dedicated his existence to eradicating it from the Firmament, no matter the plane where they inhabit.

Realm[edit | edit source]

Sepultura's home is called the Bone Heap, located in the central wastes of the Underworld, which takes the form of a monstrous mountain of skeletons which constantly grows in size. When a follower of the deity strikes an unbeliever down, their bones fall into the Heap, causing it to grow larger.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Sepultura has little patience with matters that do not involve his task in protecting the buried dead, and considers idle talk with other deities a waste of his time and attention. Because of this, even his fellow keepers of the dead consider him unapproachable, unless a rare circumstance leads him to come to them himself.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Sepultura is a wrathful entity with few allies; even his follow gravekeepers prefer not to disturb him, for he is easily enraged. Only his master, Dominus Mortis, is able to make him submit. As he is dedicated to the destruction of all undead, he is an arch-enemy of all deities associated with them.

Cult of Sepultura[edit | edit source]

Sepultura is the Underworld's inquisitor, and likewise, his followers are gravekeepers, inquisitors and undead hunters who ensure the sanctity of burial grounds and tombs. His worshippers are considered the bane of all necromancers; enforcing the will of death, they hunt down those who defile the dead and damn their souls to their god, who throws their bones into his heap so that it may grow larger. Sepultura is associated with all animals who eat bones, with the bearded vulture being his most prominent symbol.

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