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Let these feeble souls feed the god of gods, so he may grant us strength. Blood for Sethneas! Blood for the Bloody Lord!
โ€” Priest of Sethneas, moments before a ritual sacrifice of slaves

Sethneas is the Elven god of darkness, blood, slaughter and vengeance, who serves as the most prestigious member of the Elven Pantheon's Gods of Shadow and the patron god of the nation of Mirseleth.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Sethneas is a gigantic, skeletal Dark Elf made of molten magma and covered in plate armor made of searing obsidian. In one hand, he holds a bloody dagger, while in the other, he holds a magical rod. He is depicted as wearing a crown made of stone which is identical to that worn by Madiiraxen Sunbane.

History[edit | edit source]

Before the fracturing of Elven culture, Sethneas was a god of shadow and righteous vengeance. Forsaken by all but the Dark Elves, who made him their patron, he has been corrupted into a god of chaotic slaughter and bloodshed.

Realm[edit | edit source]

The Elven Pantheon lives in the Drassalion, a tumultuous realm located in the Space In-Between where the Gods of Light constantly battle the Gods of Shadow for authority over the Elven race.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Sethneas is depicted as a being of pure wrath and ferocious bloodlust, who demands constant sacrifice to be appeased. He encourages the Dark Elves to be as vindictive as possible at all times, and commends them when they indulge in the slaughter of innocents. Sethneas is said to despise the light of the sun and grows in power in the darkness. He makes his favour known to his subject when the light of the sun is obscured, and when the Dark Elves are sent into murderous frenzies during combat.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Sethneas is the master of the Mirselen gods, who are all believed to be extensions of his being. He has no contact with deities outside of his pantheon.

Cult of Sethneas[edit | edit source]

The religion of Sethneas, known as the Cult of Bloody Murder, is the official state religion of the nation of Mirseleth. All Dark Elves are assumed to be followers of his fate by default, and while some may dedicate themselves to other gods, all pay at least some respect to Sethneas. The Bloody Lord is appeased by the sacrifice of slaves, and thousands are killed in his name every year. The Cult of Bloody Murder is also not beyond sacrifice other Dark Elves who have failed in their duties. It is led by the much feared High Prophet of Sethneas, the man named Bloodlord Helstreth.

The Wood Elves continue worshipping Sethneas' original incarnation, but the god no longer pays them any heed.

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