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Sigushelm is the largest and eldest city of the country of Mannazei. Sat on the western side of the River Blüdnaer and at the border of the northern and southern divides of the country, Sigushelm stands as the oldest settlement built by the ancient Mannazeians past the Bludnaer and was constructed in the early centuries of the Third Era on top of even older nonhuman architecture. The city serves as Mannazei's most prosperous and diverse trading hub, connecting the northern and southern halves of the country as well as the coastal settlements to the mainland, and houses numerous cultural and national landmarks, such as the Testament of the Lost and Grand-Bridge of Blüdnaer.

History[edit | edit source]

Early History[edit | edit source]

Sigushelm was established somewhere between 948 and 952, a decade after Ahmalhrich Stormsword founded the largest human horde known to the history of Aurelia in order to not only reclaim lands stolen by expanding elven influence, but to also conquer pre-established elven settlements west of the Blüdnaer river. Originally an even more ancient city built by the ancestors of the Aithrena elves, its name has been lost to time following one of the bloodiest and most brutal campaigns in Mannazeian history when the hordes of Ahmalhrich managed to storm the city by crossing what would come to be known as the Grand-Bridge of Blüdnaer and overwhelm its militarized defenses, proceeding to not only utterly decimate soldiers but also the vast majority of the citizenry - both elven and non-elven - that had remained in the city prior to the assault as well as destroy many architectural testaments to elven dominion. In the aftermath of the campaign the Testament of the Lost, a statue of a colossal sword, was built in remembrance of supposedly all the human warriors who died in the push to conquer the city, with all of their names etched into the blade so as to not be forgotten by their descendants.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Sigushelm sits at the center of Talvonnwig, a region of eastern Mannazei that stretches across the northern and southern border along the Blüdnaer, and houses roughly [???,???] people, although the number is likely higher due to records often only accounting for ethnic Mannazeians in spite of the city's diverse population.