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Template:Deity Siivhahzin is the force of nature associated with tundras, fury and envy, who serves as the patron lord of the serpentine dragons known as Linnwyrms.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Siivhahzin is a gigantic linnwyrm with deep black scales, shining blue eyes and four pairs of immense, curved horns. While common linnwyrms have only two arms, the Raging Wyrm has four. A row of massive spikes grow from the back of his head and goes all the way to the tip of his humongous tail.

History[edit | edit source]

Linnwyrm myth claims Siivhahzin was the first dragon god, with other draconic deities being his 'malformed children', though most non-linnwyrm dragons consider such tales heretical at best and deeply offensive at worst. What is fact is that Siivhahzin created the first Linnwyrms out of envy for the True Wyrms, but his violent nature made him a poor leader, leading them to spread indiscriminately across the world over the ages.

There is evidence found in Primordial ruins that Siivhahzin was involved in the Great Gap as one of the gods who fought the demon lords unleashed by Varagarash Narahil. Such tales describe an enormous black serpent unleashing a storm of frost which froze entire legions of demons who sought to march into the Frost Crown.

Realm[edit | edit source]

Siivhahzin's home, known as the Drake's Graveyard, is a desolate tundra in the northern parts of Tuscland where the bones of long-dead dragons litter the landscape, some who travelled there to die of old age and others simply killed by the demigod during bouts of hunger. The Raging Wyrm rests atop a hoard of stolen treasures he has accumulated over the centuries, usually in deep slumber, though it is said that attempting to take a single coin off his pile will immediately wake him up in a fit of destructive rage.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Representing the hostile tundra, Siivhahzin is among the most hostile of all nature spirits. He holds an immense resentment for all True Wyrms, believing them to be mockeries of his existence, and is well known for being envious of beings equal or greater than him. As a spirit of nature, however, he has no interest in directly harming Telamon itself, being content to keep to himself so long as none provoke his extremely short temper and fragile ego.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Siivhahzin is considered an enemy of all other deities due to not believing them to be his equals. He holds extreme hatred for all other gods who claim relation to dragons, and is quick to attack any other deity who approaches him without very good reason. While he holds contempt for his Linnwyrm children, the thought of them worshipping a god other than him gives him immense frustration, though this is a relatively minor matter to him, for Linnwyrms rarely worship any gods to begin with.

Cult of Siivhahzin[edit | edit source]

Worship of Siivhahzin is practically nonexistent. The only beings known to worship him in any manner are the Linnwyrms, and even in their case, they do so in order to leech off of his power rather than any attempt at true reverence. Most Linnwyrms hate Siivhahzin as they rightfully believe he intends to devour them for believing them to be a failure in his war against the other dragon gods.

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