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Template:Deity Skasdrumri is the god of architecture, craftsmanship, creation and tradition, who is treated as the patron deity of the Dwarf race.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The Great Creator is often depicted as a giant Dwarf, either made entirely out of stone or wearing stone-like armor which obscures all but his face. In either case, he possesses a very long braided beard which almost touches the ground beneath him. His form is covered in runes which radiate incredible power, and he is typically depicted carrying a toolbox filled with tools typical for a blacksmith.

History[edit | edit source]

Certain creation myths say Skasdrumri forged the physical aspect of the planes by hammering existence into its current shape from the primordial matter of the Firmament. The Dwarves claim he created their kind by harnessing the energies of the Plane of Earth and forging them in his image, using the remains of the ancient Primordials. While the veracity of the myth is up to interpretation, the elementals of that plane claim the god 'owes' them something he has taken from their realm in the past.

There is evidence found in Primordial ruins that Skasdrumri was involved in the Great Gap as one of the gods who fought Varagarash Narahil, leading to his eventually imprisonment at the Abyssal End. Such tales describe a massive god of steel using an enormous hammer to strike at the World Worm in hope to squash him under it.

Realm[edit | edit source]

Skasdrumri's realm is known as the Forge of Worlds, near the outer regions of Ziana. There, he toils day and night in constant work, striking his divine anvil with his hammer which is believed to be how entire mortal worlds are created. Living alongside him are his family members, many who are gods among Dwarvenkind as well, as well as the souls of his chosen champions, who serve as his mightiest assistants. As he doesn't appreciate being interrupted, he doesn't allow other deities to come into his realm without warning.

Personality[edit | edit source]

The World Smith is a stoic and focused deity who spends the majority of his time in his forge, creating new crafts which test the extent of his own divine abilities. He considers small talk a waste and as such doesn't partake in it, though he is willing to pay attention to other beings who he knows are trustworthy. While generally positive in attributes, Skasdrumri is also known for being a particularly stubborn and vengeful deity, and those who wrong him are said to earn his grudge for all eternity, with the only way of earning his forgiveness being to pay him in tributes (typically crafts of exceptional quality) or blood.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Skardrumri counts beings like Aldirei and the archangels among his allies, often having a closer relationship with older deities who he is already familiar with. While he is generally neutral to the affairs of the Firmament, he favours good over evil, as the latter generally involves the destruction of his work and his worshippers. He has declared a grudge against Varagarash Narahil and every individual demon lord of Irkalla, claiming he will not be satisfied until the dread plane of darkness is purged of all life and remade into something that is, in his words, "not a complete waste of space".

Cult of Skasdrumri[edit | edit source]

Skasdrumri's church is an ancient one, as old as the Dwarves who worship him, and in the modern day, has become common among Humans as well. Tradition is a focus for his worshippers; action, rather than ceremony, is what they crave, and they can be counted on to protect their communities without hesitation. Skasdrumri is relatively distant with his followers; he grants them blessings, but rarely instructs them directly, leaving them free to make their own way through life. The god believes this makes them stronger and wiser.

Skasdrumri's followers are predominantly clerics, with paladins also existing but being less common. Many of his followers are architects, artisans of all stripes, or military planners. He is also popular among guards and city watchmen, who pray to him for protection. Skasdrumri's temples tend to be circular, built around a large central and fully-functional forge and satellite anvils used for even mundane tasks, for every act of smelting and smithing is considered a prayer to him.

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