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When we recovered them, there was no resemblance of the people they once were. Whether they were farmers, merchants or even soldiers, I was not sure. But their clothes were replaced with blackened rags. They were emaciated, like a dying beggar in the streets - but their skin was branded with those sigils that they carry with them. We may have saved their lives then, but there was really nothing to save. When we lit the fires to keep us warm, they threw themselves in it. Just to end the nightmare. Whatever untold savagery and cruelty that drives a man to set himself on fire...may the gods have mercy on us all.
โ€” Ontrean soldier

Skauros is a dominion located in the northwest of Scaurai, and is the namesake of the continent they inhabit. A militarised nation inhabited by innumerable humanoids indoctrinated to the malice of Drascasur, Skauros is an ancient and feared engine of war that has ruled the nightmares of many who have crossed them. Skauros is ruled by the demonic and monstrous Skaurovirn, where even the most cruel of their underlings cower underneath their malevolence.

History[edit | edit source]

To many, Skauros is the ancient origin of some of the most primordial evils on Telamon; for over nine millennia, the Skaurovirn - a corrupted and purely evil form of life - have dwelt in the mountains of northern Scaurai. The touch of Drascasur that blackened the souls of the Skaurovirn and the very nature around them began to spill to the neighbouring regions around the mountain, and over the course of centuries those that lived in the shadow of the mountains slowly grew evil and narrow minded. Little did they know that they were subconsciously indoctrinated into the service of Drascasur and the Skaurovirn. It is said that the strength of Drascasur's power over Skauros is so deeply rooted that not even Nalashtannylor can destroy it.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Skauros is the northwestern extreme of Scaurai, and comprises some of the nothernmost islands on Telamon. Much of Skauros is permanently subdued in a tundra, and vegetation is rare within its territories. The closer to the centre of Skauros, the laws of nature become increasingly warped. Creatures of an aberrant nature stalk the lands of Skauros, including the withered ones who amble aimlessly within Skauros' labyrinthine mountain ranges. The life that exist in Skauros has become accustomed to living within its near-inhospitable climate. Settlements within Skauros are situated near fissures that have opened up over the millennia.

Government[edit | edit source]

Skauros is divided into four territories - the Skaurovirn, and the three vassal states that pledge loyalty to them. The four territories are segregated by race; more by choice than by law as interspecies wars are common at the borders. The southernmost extent of Skauros is inhabited by humans, and a territory of orcs is marked by two sides of goblin territory. With the goblins also live a set of other creatures, such as giants, trolls and other forms of life that are neither human nor orc. Each of the four territories however is lorded over by a Skaurovirn Overlord, who is considered an extension of the Skaurovirn monarch. The current monarch is Misericordia, the Queen of Skauros.

Religion[edit | edit source]

All of Skauros's inhabitants, whether they are aware or not, are worshippers of Drascasur, the elder god of destruction. Veneration of Drascasur is constant within Scaurai, and totem poles constructed out of the viscera of sacrifices mark the landscape as a reminder that Skauros belongs to the dark god. The horrors which have become ghost stories in the southern world are countless, and even the inhabitants of Skauros are not safe from the Skaurovirn's occasional violence. Those that have managed to escape the clutches of Skauros never live normal lives again, and several are driven to suicide to spare them the memories of the torture that they endured.

Relations[edit | edit source]

Skauros is a dominion without allies; the Skaurovirn are creatures of pure malevolence, and their underlings are merely part of their war machine to wipe out whatever crosses their path. Those that have encountered raiding parties from Skauros are not spared from grisly and more than often painful deaths, and those that are captured are taken as sacrifices to the Skaurovirn. Nations such as Ontrea have historically encountered Skaurosi soldiers, and in modern times it is a part of their law that any being from Skauros is to be killed on sight. Nations such as Ezaren have fortified their coastal cities to prevent Skauros from invading by sea. Due to their location, not many civilisations in Aurelia are aware of Skauros.

  • Positive relations
    • It is considered impossible for Skauros to have allies; all are potential victims for their god.
  • Negative relations
    • Mirseleth - The Skaurovirn view Mirseleth as misguided by pretender gods, and would much prefer to demonstrate Drascasur's power.
    • Ontrea - Ontreans have been tortured, mutilated and killed in the past; as a result, several Ontreans fear the demons of the north.
    • Ezaren - Ezaren exists on relatively close ground to Skauros; as a result they are in the path of a territorial conquest.

Notable Skaurosi[edit | edit source]

  • Skauros
    • Misericordia - Queen of Skauros
    • Hikran Khas'aan - Lord of the Skaurosi Men
    • Drezrukh Khathramig - Lord of the Skaurosi Orcs
    • Zrac - Chieftain of the Skaurosi Goblins

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