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Breathe the air of truth; drink the waters of life. Those who nourish themselves with the waters of Drascasur will never be thirsty.
โ€” Recovered shard of Skaurovirni text

The Skaurovirn are a race of abberant humanoids indigenous to Scaurai, inhabiting a labyrinthine dominion in the caverns of the mountains. Semi-legendary by historical measure, the Skaurovirn are ancient devotees of Drascasur, the God of Darkness. Though they have not been seen above the surface in over three centuries, there are murmurs of Skaurovirn movement under the earth.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Skaurovirn are tall humanoid creatures, albeit possessing a variety of features that set them apart from the natural order. Standing at least two and a half metres tall, Skaurovirn have stone-grey skin that is similar to stone in texture, and possess two pairs of horns on their head that are not too far removed from that of dragon horns. Skaurovirn eyes are a crimson red, and possess a thick mane of hair that varies between black and grey. Skaurovirn faces are gaunt and strikingly unpleasant, almost permanently contorted into a scowl. As they are completely carnivorous, Skaurovirn possess vast arrays of canines. It is not known of their lifespan. In terms of sexual dimorphism, Skaurovirn females possess typically feminine features.

History[edit | edit source]

Aurelians of the Old Aurelian Empire were vaguely aware of the Skaurovirn; which suggests that they have been present for at least seven and a half thousand years and possibly nearly ten thousand. Reclaimed archaeological phenomena from the regions suggest they were once earthbound humanoids turned into their monstrous forms by Drascasur. The origins of their corruption entail an enchanted wellspring that when drank from, transformed them into what they are now. Historical accounts of the Skaurovirn tend to run thin around 2500 years ago during the time of the War of the Gods, with a number of historians believing them to have been driven to extinction. A majority of Skaurovirn accounts describe excessive ritualistic violence; flayed, exsanguinated, burnt or decomposing corpses often put on display to mark their presence or in veneration of Drascasur.

Around three centuries ago, a detailed account of Skaurovirn activity above the surface was written - sending the belief of their extinction into doubt. Whilst there has not been any other account since, those that have traversed the subterranean networks of the world believe to have witnessed the same ritualistic violence the Skaurovirn practised millennia ago.

Society[edit | edit source]

Culture[edit | edit source]

As creatures of the dark, Skaurovirn abhor the light and spend most if not all their lives underground. Their cities are maze-like networks of caverns of surprisingly sophisticated architecture, although as all their cities link to the wellspring, much of it is obfuscated in a polluting fog. There has been few instances of Skaurovirn venturing to the surface, although their faces and eyes are protected to prevent painful afflictions. It is not known of their hierarchy or economy, although it is safe to assume it is theocratic or ecclesiastical.

Religion[edit | edit source]

Skaurovirn religion is the veneration of Drascasur, and thus most of their societal and religious practices are based on the violation of the natural law. Cannibalism, hemophagy, necromancy and ritual sacrifice is considered religious practice in Skaurovirn society.

Relations with other races[edit | edit source]

Skaurovirn detest all living beings that do not abide by Drascasur's will; so much so that they often use the corpses of unwary travellers to denote their presence underground. As there has not been considerable interaction with the Skaurovirn due to their isolation, many have come to accept that the Skaurovirn will slaughter and defile the living without hesitation.

Notable Skaurovirn[edit | edit source]

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