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The Essence of Life[edit | edit source]

From the briefest spark of fire, to the longest living dragons and all the Gods, Spirits and similar which suffuse the world. The component which moves through the world persisting, changing, forming and eventually being subsumed into the ambient noise of the spirit realm is known as the Soul.

Notable to only be able to be created by matter and not self sustaining the Soul is an ephemeral form forever in transition from the maintained and functional living state down to the resting chaos of spirit noise which is gradually and inevitably flattened out over time.

Upon death many organisms will put a surge of spirit into their souls to shape and form it into a post-mortem life cycle form. It is from this that Guardian and Fertility Spirits come from. This is also the process by which Reincarnates are created and propagate.

Some living things are predominantly made of their souls and subsequently lack the ability to naturally produce enough spirit on their own.

Souls can also be created within the Spirit realm without initially having a body, but they will quickly degenerate and collapse without a sustaining structure or flow.

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