Storm Drakes (Firmament)

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It came from the north; right in the mid of night. As it descended from the skies, it appeared like the crash of thunder and the strike of lightning in given form. With it, came torrent rain and winds that swept away anything that was not pinned to the earth. What was pinned to the earth was torn and burnt by its breath; a blinding and terrible light that caused anything it touched to reduce itself to ashes.
— Unknown man, c. 120 years ago

Storm drakes are a rare kind of drake that inhabits the northern mountains of the world. Known for their ominous arrivals, Storm drakes are violent forces of nature that have been known to raze entire cities to the ground in history, for little reason other than to feed and mark territory.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Storm drakes exhibit similar biological features to that of other drakes; namely, four-limbed dragons. Descriptions of their being seem to vary, although the most common description is that they are of a thin build, an anthracite-black hide and usually blue or golden tinted wings with sharp horns that appear throughout their entire body. Most of them are described to be between twenty and thirty metres long, with a wingspan of similar proportions. There has not been enough study of Storm Drakes to denote clear sexual dimorphism.

Ecology[edit | edit source]

Storm drakes only make rare ventures to more temperate climates, which indicates they live in the extreme north, in similar locales to the Frost drakes. Many dragonologists suggest that Storm Drakes may be spawn of Nalúnt due to the similarities in description, albeit far more aggressive. Storm drakes have little intention or need to commune with the civilised races of the world or even other dragon races, and much prefer to routinely eviscerate settlements to further prove their apparent existence. Unlike some drakes that feed upon meat in the form of civilians, Storm drakes strangely find their nutrition through ash.

Society[edit | edit source]

Storm drakes are typically solitary creatures, and as their species appears to be dying out due to countries better arming themselves against their attacks, appear very infrequently any further than the mid-north. It seems to be that breeding in their species is either uncommon or non-existent, and may generally have low fertility rates among females. Interaction between Storm Drakes has never been documented, although it is safe to assume that it is a violent encounter and may be a reason behind their decreasing numbers.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Much like any other drake, Storm drakes are incredibly dangerous creatures; one alone can reduce a city to ash without the proper preparation or defences to repel one. Their breath is a super-hot beam of magical nature, which is known to vaporise wooden structures and cause stone structures to crumble. Due to their strong affinity with the elements, the presence of a Storm drake entails torrential weather, and often uses that weather to hide in the clouds until it is time to strike. Storm Drakes are known to have highly resistant scales on their spine and skulls, although a majority of their bodies appear less protected than that of other drake species.

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