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Template:Deity Sutinn-Ur is an enigmatic god of haematophages and parasites, sacrifice and darkness that belongs to no recognized pantheon across the Firmament, with the truth behind their existence and their origins unknown to most other deities. Sutinn-Ur is considered by many to be a fiercely mischievous trickster deity of some form, as it is known to regularly interfere in the affairs of worshipers of other gods in order sustain itself from misguided reverence and sacrifice and, some have theorized, steal from the mystical energies provided by religious practices like a vampire does blood. Although not the most powerful deity, Sutinn-Ur is nonetheless revered by the likes of vampires, ritualistic blood-drinkers and other parasitic monsters. Their symbol is that of a leech's maw.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Sutinn-Ur manifests in various feral shapes, although most often they appear as a dreaded hybrid of various parasitic animals such as bats, leeches and mosquitoes - allowing it to be a blend of muscle, flesh and toughened carapace - and is always coated in a slick, wet coating of blood that perpetually drips from their body. The most iconic aspects of most of their differing forms are a pair of gargantuan wings, reminiscent to a bat or dragon, and a horrifying mouth full of serrated teeth and fangs in order to tear and puncture flesh.

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