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"Taelen. Its cities are dark, its people are dour of nature - it harbours an ancient air that no other nation captures. When you walk through the roads of Taelen, gaze over its mountains and landscapes - you realise that the gods look down on these lands as intently as they did in the days of the Natelevarians."
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Taelen is a large cryptocratic nation seated on the eastern shores of Natelar. Taelen is largely the heritage of the ancient Natelevarian Kingdom and is home to some of Telamon's oldest continually inhabited cities. It is regarded as the cultural centre of Natelar to many eastern cultures, and is one of Telamon's hubs of education and the arts. Taelen is one of the few nations that remain in Telamon that are ruled by a dominant elven culture.

History[edit | edit source]

Taelen was one of the three nations that split from the fall of the Natelevarian Empire in 2040 3E - alongside Dalmira and Thalgrimhold. Taelen's constitution was the culmination of a 26-year long civil war between the population of the Taeleni elves and Dalmiric men, following rising paranoia of the treatment of magic within modern Taelen. As the three nations disunited, Taelen acquired a number of affluent cities and officially titled the coastal city of Feirridro as its centre. Whereas Dalmira almost immediately fell into another civil war regarding the distribution of its wealth and territories, Taelen's government receded from public eye. For much of Taelen's history until the present day, its economy has centred around education, trade and cultural exportation.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Taelen consists of the eastern shores of central Natelar, and expands into the central woodlands and steppes that are characterised by a more dangerous wilderness than that of Aurelia. Two major islands off the eastern shores of the mainland are also part of Taelen's governance. As extinct and dormant volcanoes comprise a mountain range that bisects Taelen in two, fertile soils provide rich agricultural sources for the populace. As Taelen's modern expanse was the original economic centres of the ancient Natelevarian Empire and Kingdom, Taelen has a number massive cities that are densely populated. Feirridro, Taelen's capital, sits within the base of a wide fjord that is naturally protected by its mountainous surroundings. Much of Taelen's architecture is considered intimidating by those who live in Aurelia and elsewhere, due to its immense, ornate and blackened art style.

Taelen is subject to more inclement weather than that of Dalmira, and Taelen's winters are legendary throughout Telamon for being very difficult to traverse. The ancient magic and powers that permeate the region of Taelen is house to more magical beasts than that of the rest of Natelar, and some of the more mountainous ranges are the sources of archaic myths of legendary beasts that were known to have terrorised civilians several millennia ago. The contributing factors have made Taelen a country of an acquired taste; most civilians of Telamon that exist elsewhere find Taelen more dangerous than most civilised nations.

Religion[edit | edit source]

Taelen has become increasingly secularised in recent centuries - however, as Taelen is similarly as racially diverse as other nations of Natelar, the Dalmiric pantheon is perhaps the most commonly worshipped religious cult within the country. The old Natelevarian religion has seldom seen a resurgence in the centuries since the inception of the nation, and even more archaic religions such as the belief in Nalashtannylor remain.

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Taelen is home to its namesake race, the Taeleni Elves. The Taeleni are a mixture of Natelevarian, Aurelian and ancient Dalmiric primogeniture and are considerably dark-skinned and significantly dour of demeanour. Whilst not as cosmopolitan as Dalmira, Taelen is home to a number of other races, although such concentrations of other races in Taelen are usually located to the south where the weather is less aggressive.

Relations[edit | edit source]

Dalmira's closest ally, diplomatically and geographically are Dalmira and Thalgrimhold - though historical wars have set their kinds apart, Dalmira and Taelen share an identical history until 650 years ago, and thus Dalmiric and Taeleni architecture tend to be considered very similar. There is of course some bitter sentiments left behind from these wars, although these tend to be outdated beliefs in the modern age. Taeleni Elves are noticeably distant and borderline hostile towards the nationalistic sentiments of Mannazei, and have little negative nor positive notions about several nations in Aurelia.

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