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Telamon is a planet located in the Firmament, considered to be the most important planet in the Material Plane. It is a lush, living world filled to the brim with all kinds of creatures, ranging from humanoids to magical beasts and dragons and even a number of demigods. Magic is abundant in Telamon and serves as one of its most important features.

Through its history, Telamon has been subject to constant shifts of power and conflicts where great armies and gods battled each other in its surface, It is a world of great variation regarding geography and climate, possessing tropical rainforests, arid deserts, great mountain ranges and volcanic hotspots. Civilizations are always sprouting on the planet, ranging from small tribes to great empires and kingdoms, in a constant cycle of life, death and rebirth.

History[edit | edit source]

Main article: History of Telamon.

Age of Primordials[edit | edit source]

Telamon is believed to have formed 15,000 years ago. Ancient extraplanar immortals claim it was the first planet, its raw essence being forged into a solid world by the mighty Skasdrumri, which he would continue doing with the rest of creation. The Aether is said to have shed a tear, taking the form of a seed, which fell upon the then-lifeless Telamon and grew to become Eondrassla, the World Tree, from which all other lifeforms were born. Among these beings were the race now only known as the Primordials, who proceeded to create the world's first civilization. Building impressive cities across the planet's single landmass, the Primordials ruled unopposed for the following five thousand years.

The Great Gap[edit | edit source]

From the depths of Irkalla, the ravenous Varagarash Narahil, eldest of all demons, watched the Firmament with envious and greedy eyes. Not accepting lordship over merely just the deepest pits of the universe, he struck at the Material Plane and attacked the Aether, culmination in a cataclysmic battle of gods and demigods as he sprouted out of Telamon's surface, allowing demons to run rampant across the Material. Telamon's landmass was utterly shattered by the event, while the Primordial civilization was destroyed by hordes of murderous demons. What exactly transpired in this war is known only to the divinities involved; history as a whole has no record of what happened from Varagarash's breach to a thousand years later, creating a Great Gap which so far remains unsolved.

Children of the Primordials[edit | edit source]

Not all Primordials were killed in the great war, however they were forever changed by it. By the beginning of recorded history, following the end of the Great Gap, a number of new races would emerge. These direct descendants of the Primordials settled thorough the world, founding civilizations of their own and living mortal lives while wondering over their origins and what the ruins dotting the landscape truly meant. The High Elves, Dwarves, Humans and Orcs would be among the first such races, though over time, other lifeforms not directly tied to the Primordials such as the Lizardfolk and the Rakash emerged as well, leading to a new rise of civilized life in Telamon.

Timeline of Events[edit | edit source]

According to the Lechner Calendar.

  • 13,000 BL - Telamon is given form. The Primordials rise.
  • 8,000 BL - Varagarash attacks Telamon. The Great Gap begins.
  • 6,000 BL - The Great Gap ends. Elves, Dwarves, Greenskins and Rakash emerge. The nations of Eondrassana, Khargrimnir and Skitterfall are founded.
  • 5,000 BL - Great Eondrassana War ensues between the Elves, Druacatakh and Skitterfall.
  • 4,960 BL - Great Eondrassana War ends. The Elven race is split in four.
  • 2,500 BL - Primitive Humans emerge.
  • 1,000 BL - The Dwarves of Kharaz-Thalmur are transformed into the Duergar.
  • 680 BL - Dryadalan Humans rise into the five great tribes of Vuk, Mar, Natch, Wold, and Riet.
  • 0 BL - Tusclanders attack Dryadala, but are defeated by Wolfram Lechner of Vuk. Wolfram is crowned the first Emperor of the Confederation of Lechner.
  • 500 AL - The Dwarves of Whistlehold are transformed into the first Gnomes.
  • 2,686 AL - Current year

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Telamon is home to an innumerable number of races. Humanoids make up the most prominent civilizations, including Humans, Elves and Dwarves.

The world is home to many kinds of animals, plants and magical beasts, alongside mighty dragons, elusive fey, artificial constructs and amorphous oozes. Among its more unusual inhabitants are aberrations, undead and outsiders from other planes who have visited the Material for their own reasons.

Society[edit | edit source]

The world of Telamon is not an unified society, being composed of various tribes, cities, and nations. Different kinds of entities tend to live in distinct societies while attracting more of their own kin, leading to the existence of nations predominantly inhabited by certain kinds of races. While most nations are predominantly ruled by a single species and the concept of xenophobia is a serious problem in many parts of the world, it is not uncommon for members of different races to make up at least a minority in many nations.

Telamon is home to many languages. Diplomacy and trade through the world's history led to the birth of common tongues, with the current dominant tongue of the world being known simply as Common.

Calendar[edit | edit source]

Telamonian years are 350 days long and split in twelve months. Each month is attributed to one of the gods, who are said to have their presence in the world grow stronger at that time of the year. Certain cultures may have different names for the months due to finding certain gods too abhorrent.

Religion[edit | edit source]

A very large number of deities hold influence in Telamon. Beyond the greater gods of the Firmament, who are the most widely worshipped gods, the rise of mortal civilization led to the creation of a number of pantheons. The world itself serves as the home of the powerful nature spirits known as the forces of nature; god-like beings who walk the mortal earth and serve as its guardians against the threats of the outer realms.

Continents[edit | edit source]

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