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The Featured article template selects a featured article summary for presentation on the Bestiary of the Golden Hypogriph Wiki Main Page. The template is invoked with:

{{Featured article}}

The template selects from the list of featured article summary templates listed below. These are selected according to the day of the year, dividing up the year by the number of featured articles using this formula:

ceil(FAs *  DoY366)      
where FAs is the number of articles in Template:Featured article/ and
DoY is the day of the year (from 1-366 for leap years)

If you want to display a particular featured article summary, just add its number after a slash:

{{Featured article/7}}
will display the summary for article number 7.

Choosing a featured article[edit source]

Featured articles are nominated and discussed and voted upon at Forum:Nominated Feature Articles.

Writing a featured article template[edit source]

A featured article template should be written in the following format, while preserving the accompanying wiki code:


[[FEATUREDARTICLELINK|First mention]]'''
Enter a text summary here.

<div style="clear: left; text-align: right;" class="noprint">([[Template:Featured article/doc#Featured article queue|Archive]] | [[FEATUREDARTICLELINK|Read more...]])</div>
<noinclude>[[Category:Templates|Featured article]]</noinclude>
A picture (as a file name) from the featured article that nicely illustrates the article.
This is the name of the featured article itself. Clicking on this (whether on the image, the headline, or the "Read more..." gutter link) should bring the reader to the full article.
Text summary
This should be a good and accurate summary of the article, expressing important information that puts the subject into context within the Bestiary of the Golden Hypogriph setting, some interesting details about the subject, and important facts that tell the reader why the subject is relevant or important. It should be written in the standard wiki style (past tense and so on). Do not give spoilers or reveal secrets about the subject. References are not required.

Featured article queue[edit source]

Featured article templates should be filled out in numerical order, using the following links. When a featured article summary is written, please add a link to the featured article here for reference.

To be summarized and arranged[edit source]

  • None at the moment

Current featured article[edit source]

Template:Featured article/1