Teris Draatelhand

From Bestiary of the Hypogriph
File:Teris Draatehlahdn, first raadspensionaris of Scheveningen.jpg
Teris Draatelhand, the First Raadspensionaris.

Teris Draatelhand was the founder of Scheveningen, the leader that secured the independence of Vaalsebossen freehold, and the first Raadspensionaris of the hold.

Draatelhand was born in Ouwestad in Ztaft of +399, the scion of the prominent Banking clan. He chose the ways of the warrior, and participated in the War of Ÿphergund as a captain of the Dwaerkar. As part of his tenure, he led his regiment in the Battle of Pineen in +433. After the battle, he charted the land and recommended a fort in its position.

After leading the garrison for many years and observing the growth of the city, it was he who declared the independence of the freehold in +482. He was immediately elected as Raadspensionaris, a role he took from +482 to +497. He died in Aalderas of +497.