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Thalgrimhold is a country located in the western reaches of the continent of Natelar. Cousins of the Khargrimnir on Aurelia, the Thalgrim of Thalgrimhold are the second largest expanse of dwarves in Telamon. Common to dwarven custom, Thalgrimhold is made of many cities both on the surface and underground, and is the nexus of many subterranean networks that span across the Natelari continent.

History[edit | edit source]

It is consensus that the Thalgrim dwarves of Natelar are descendants of the Dweorg culture on Aurelia. The oldest city of Thalgrimhold was established roughly seven thousand years ago not long after the first cities of the indigenous Dalmiric men and the Natelevari elves. It is thought that over the course of eight millennia, the dweorg race mixed with the Natelevari and Dalmiric men, eventually giving rise to the modern Thalgrim dwarves. The history of the Thalgrim is not well documented, although it is a likelihood that they established themselves in Natelar not long after the invasions of Skitterfall.

Thalgrimhold and the dwarven expanse became part of the larger Natelevari Empire under peaceful negotiation; through trade from the Natelevari Elves and Dalmiric men, Thalgrimhold became one of the three centres of the Empire, notably the centre of the dwarven folk. As the Empire crumbled into civil war around 2040 3E, the Thalgrim dwarves marked out their own territories as the Dalmiric men and Taeleni elves fought over one another.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Thalgrimhold is half mountain and half steppe; the country's expanse covers the central regions of the Walls of the Dragon Kings, the mountain range that lines the western coasts of Natelar. The capital Thalgrimhold City is seated at the edge of the Silver Falls, the largest waterfall in Natelar. The waterfall is part of the sacred Eagle River that flows from the Abode of Nalashtannylor to the mountain fortress of Angralhold. Much of Thalgrimhold's civilisation is based around the Silver Lake, which acts as a naval route of trade between northern and southern Thalgrimhold.

Seasonally, Thalgrimhold is a nation of considerable extremes; winters are bitingly cold and summers are uncomfortable in the inner wilderness. Cities around the Silver Lake are seasonally cooler in the summer and is a popular destination in midsummer. The underground networks of Thalgrimhold are beneficial during the winter months as lengthy travel through Thalgrimhold's forests in winter can be deadly to the unprepared.

Government[edit | edit source]

Like Khagrimnir, Thalgrimhold is a governance of families that are headed by a royal body that are named monarchs rather than Lord-Thanes. The heads of families in dwarven clans are however named Thanes and are arbiters of law and economic matters in their provinces. In modern Thalgrimhold, each major city of the country is headed by an individual Thane. Unlike the homelands of the dwarves, Thalgrim dwarves have a constitution based on the ancient laws of the Natelevari Elves that have since loosened to tailor to dwarven culture.

Religion[edit | edit source]

Officially, Thalgrimhold has no state religion - although the historically famous stubborn nature of dwarves mean that the old dwarven pantheon is still practised in Thalgrimhold. Due to the former occupation of the Natelevari Elves and Dalmiric men, the Dalmiric pantheon is also common in Thalgrimhold's cities. The geographic closeness to the Abode of Nalashtannylor means that there is a considerably large cult following of Nalashtannylor in the northern reaches of the country.

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

The vast majority of Thalgrimhold has always been and is continued to be the populace of Thalgrim dwarves; a golden-skinned and white-haired offshoot of the dweorg culture that are considered western cousins of the heartland Khargrim dwarves. Due to the cosmopolitan nature of the Natelevari Empire, Dalmiric men, Taeleni elves and the innumerable cultures in between that are indigenous of Natelar are also inhabitants of Thalgrimhold and enjoy the same liberties that the dwarves do.

Relations[edit | edit source]

Unlike their eastern cousins, Thalgrimhold has been host to a much more friendly political climate in the seven millennia of its history. Due to the intertwined histories of the ancient cultures that surround them, Taelen and Dalmira remain strong allies with Thalgrimhold both diplomatically and in military terms. Still waters run deep within dwarven culture however; those who wrong the Thalgrim dwarves are subject to burning and unforgiving grudges that are only settled in manners of coin or blood.

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Notable Thalgrim[edit | edit source]

  • Royals and nobles
    • High King Hakov Buznumlir III - Current High King of Thalgrimhold
    • High Prince Hundrik Buznumlir V - Current crown-prince of Thalgrimhold
    • Kizerlig Buznumlir - Known adventurer and nephew of the High King

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