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Thar-Thrassan is the Dwarven goddess of forges, invention and gunpowder, who serves as a member of the Dwarven Pantheon.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Thar-Thrassan is depicted as a young dwarven woman wearing goggles and carrying a backpack filled with tools. Her face is covered in dust and ash and she often has a toothy grin upon her face.

History[edit | edit source]

According to the Dwarven myths, Thar-Thrassan taught the first generation of Dwarves about how to use fire, furnaces and forges. Thousands of years later, it is said she also inspired the creation of gunpowder, leading to the birth of the first firearms.

Realm[edit | edit source]

Like the rest of their pantheon, Thar-Thrassan resides in the Forge of Worlds, the realm of Skasdrumri in Ziana. There she helps her father Skasdrumri in his furnace, cataloguing his crafts.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Thar-Thrassan, unlike other Dwarven gods, believes that tradition is an enemy to stability; only by innovating can the Dwarven folk survive the hostile landscape that is the Material Plane. She is reckless and believes that the end justify the means, performing experiments against her parents' wishes whenever she is struck with new ideas.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Thar-Thrassan is the youngest child of Skasdrumri and Reimdorlig, with Kivaedir, Breldikig, Miludir and Thunardormir being her older siblings. Her recklessness makes her parents wary of her, as they believe she breaks tradition far too much, though Breldikig and Kivaedir are fond of her antics. Voniana Theevrolde, who represents Gnomish innovation, is her closest friend and collaborator.

Cult of Thar-Thrassan[edit | edit source]

All forms of engineering are said to be blessed by Thar-Thrassan, and she is also revered by those dedicated to working the forge, for the fires are her realm. Users of firearms are considered holy warriors of the goddess, and she encourages them to continue innovating, even if it means traditions must be broken to see it done. Because of this, her devoted are often at odds with the devoted of other Dwarven gods.

A small but growing cult linked to Thar-Thrassan has recently appeared in the Lechnerlands, particularly in Meerland, where Humans are being introduced to the goddess and to gunpowder by Dwarven smiths and traders.

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