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Welcome to the Bestiary of the Golden Hypogriph!

Here you can read and write about magic, fantastic and mythological creatures; As well as civilizations, universes and dimensions. Here you can invent and publish your own creatures as well as stories, poems, dreams… and everything else you can think of. Let's populate this multiverse with imagination!

The Bestiary was founded on 2004-06-26 in Blogia and this wiki on 2020-06-27, since then we have achieved:

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You can collaborate with our wiki by sharing the links of our articles, talking with your friends about the topics of the bestiary, commenting on the articles and if you want, writing your own creatures and stories.

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Ongoing projects

In the Bestiary we have lots of projects to grow the community:

  1. Collect bestiaries into the wiki
  2. Animalaries, grimories and arcane are welcome
  3. Illustrated Guide to Monsters and Ghosts of Japan
  4. Gather the largest collection of creatures
  5. Wiki Main Pages
  6. Move articles from Google drive
  7. Illustrate articles
  8. Create templates and help articles
  9. Collect mythologies
  10. Develop different fictional universes
  11. Edit contributors and Art Month
  12. Collect games and game rules
  13. Collect tropes and clichés
  14. Classify deviantArt

Cosmology is the study of the structure, organization and composition of the planes of existence. There are many interpretations about the organization of the Omniverse. Most of them use models that attempt to reduce complexity and sheer volume of information into concepts that are understandable and even useful to the brave, the curious, and the ambitious.

The Multiverses are made up of infinity of types of Planes, among them the Material Planes, the Elemental planes, the Astral Planes, the Lower Planes and the Fractal Planes. The interconnections between Planes are globally called Qrosses. Within this name all types of portals, cracks, crossroads or passages between planes are grouped. The Planes (as well as any other entity) belong to groups of homologous entities, called Shains. Both Qruzes and Shains are grouped within the concept Qs.

There are planes that are inhabited by impossible creatures on the Material Planes, and other places and beings that even defy the definition of Plane. Whole sections of the Omniverse escape knowledge in the Depths of the Alpkatchen, such as the Abstract Domains or the Mathematical Domains.