The Color of Majesty

From Bestiary of the Hypogriph

The Color of Majesty By Simison

Hippogryphs and majestic went hand-in-hand. It was practically a law of the land, Leyara thought to herself as she continued her unobtrusive observation. However, she decided that there were varying levels of majesty each hippogryph displayed. The brown-feathered hippogrpyhs had a certain prosaic quality to them. They displayed the inherent majesty of the earth with their simple coloring. The rainbow hippogryphs were much the opposite. Dazzling with their multi-hues, but also leaning on the garish.

No, Leyara believed true perfection lied in-between these two extremes. Something about the kind of hippogryph she was watching right now. Head bent down to drink from a mountain stream, the fascinating creature bore a dignity even in this simple task. Powerful hindquarters held up a midnight tail, which happily swayed with the simple pleasure of drink. Eagle talons anchored the creature as it had its fill. But that feathered forehalf. They were neither simple brown or radiant color.

Instead, this hippogryph wore a coat of white feathers. Such a simple difference in color, but it struck the young woman as infinitely more powerful than any other combination. She didn't know why. It just was. Her hands danced across the empty page as she struggled to catch the elegant moment before it vanished.

Her pulse raced as the hippogryph reared its head from the stream. She didn't fear for her life. Hippogryphs, unless tamed, were solitary creatures who preferred to dine on rabbits and other large rodents. But they could quickly become ornery if they perceived a threat to their being.

That and her drawing was only half-finished.